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MDAC & Amigopod

Not sure if I'm opening this up in the right forum but here goes.  We have four 3200 controllers running code and have recently installed Amigopod on a VM server.  What I'd like to be able to do is configure the guest wireless network to be able to push down certs to mobile devices.  Right now they get prompted for a user id and password but I only want that to happen the first time they attach.  For example, a lot of our exec's have IPads which shut down the radio when they go into sleep mode so when they come back on they have to login with their credentials again.  I they had a cert the authentication would take place behind the scenes.  I've looked all over Aruba's web site but have yet to find a doc on configuring MDAC which if I understand the relationship between the controller and Amigopod correctly, MDAC on the controller is suppose to classify the device type which Amigopod then uses to apply policies to.  Problem is I can't find any doc on configuring it

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Re: MDAC & Amigopod

First off, you are going to need to go to 6.1.x.x to get device fingerprinting.


Then you can force iOS devices into a specific Amigopod Captive Portal.


Basically the MDAC solution creates a TLS cert for each device. So, you will need to build an EAP-TLS encrypted SSID.


Sounds like Cam is working on something, according to this page: http://www.arubanetworks.com/blogs/new-aruba-application-notes/


Maybe Cam can give you an ETA for that document.


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Re: MDAC & Amigopod

i have the document.... message me ur mail id so that i can attach it ...i am trying to attach here but its giving error ....if  u message me ur mail id i will send .....file size is 20 Mb ...:)


Re: MDAC & Amigopod

The MDAC deployment guide is in copy edit at the moment and will then go out of a final internal view before being published to customers and partners. All previous copies of the document are internal only and not for distribution in any form as they are already out of date and superseded by this new document.


Hopefully this will be available on the public website before the end of Jan.




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Re: MDAC & Amigopod

Did this deployment guide ever come out? Can anyone tell me where to find it? Thanks.

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