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MST 200 Point to Multipoint

Aruba MST 200 can support point to multipoint mesh backhaul? Because as i know MSR2000 can support point to multipoint mesh backhaul.

Re: MST 200 Point to Multipoint



The MST200 can serve as a "leaf node" on the edge of a PtMP cluster.


Because it does not have an external antenna port, you will need an MSR2000 or MSR4000 to serve as the central node in the cluster.


Depending on the distance and geography, you would choose between the MSR2000 or MSR4000 based on the SNR of the target links.  For links within 2KM, you can use an MSR2000 with ANT-2x2-5010 omnidirectional antennas as the central node.   This is a 10dBi 5GHz multi-polarization omni antenna pair.


For links >2KM, I would recommend the MSR4000 with sectorized ANT-2x2-5614s.   The -5614 is a 60 degree sector antenna with 14 dBi of gain.  It's likely that with 4 of these antennas you will be able to serve your entire multipoint array unless you need a full 360 degrees of coverage.  If that is a requirement, write back with more details and I'd be happy to update the design.


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Re: MST 200 Point to Multipoint

Thanks Clukas.


the situation is like this. Have two location which Location A and B. Location A have two block building and it has fiber optic cable directly link back to data center. Location B also have two block building. In Between Location A and B buildings is line of sight, the building distance in between Location A and B not more than 400 meters. For location B with two buildings total number of user about 1000 user.


From your replied message, MST 200 only can configure point to point bridge and cannot multipoin to multipoint bridge. 


In my deployment design, each block of building i would like to put  2 units MSR 2000 so it can load balance the traffic or fail-over in case one of the MST 2000 faulty. Please advise.

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Re: MST 200 Point to Multipoint

I have the MST-200 to multiple MST-200's working.


You need to go to the central node AP and make a change to the default config.


Wireless Settings>Radio>Radio0>Backhaul Tab

    -Change Max Allowed Links to however many MST's you have at the other end. Max is 6.


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