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MST200 Password Restrictions

Hello all...this is my first post here. My coworkers and I ran into this issue with our new outdoor mesh router and since we tore our hair out trying to figure out what's wrong I figured I'd shared it here in case anyone else runs into this issue.


Apparently the passwords on the MST200 can only contain alphanumeric characters. This wouldn't be a problem, except that it doesn't indicate that on the password change screen and it will accept a password with special characters. Then when you reboot the device and try to log in via the WMI you're locked out. It does (weirdly) let you in via telnet, thankfully, so we were able to get in and change the password.


I just thought this was odd and hopefully posting it here will help someone else in the future.


Of course if we had read the full user guide beforehand ;-) we probably could've avoided this.... but where's the fun in that? :smileylol:



Re: MST200 Password Restrictions

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention.


Our engineers have verified that it is indeed a bug.


What happened is, the password will special characters will not trigger any warning, but the original password is still valid. If you refresh the WMI page, everything will work.


We've opened a bug to track this problem.


Thanks again for helping us improve the quality of our outdoor products.




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