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Management Authentication using Windows NPS

I have also opened a case with Aruba TAC, but wanted to post on the board as well.

Is there updated information for Authentication using Windows NPS?

The only instructions I can locate is with IAS, which was replaced by NPS, and the steps are outdated and not clear. The document I am referring to is attached.

Note: The goal, at this time, only for allowing specific staff members to login to the Aruba controller for management purposes with their domain credentials.


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Re: Management Authentication using Windows NPS

You need to use RADIUS to accomplish this.

In NPS you need to create a policy using PAP as the authentication method.

- First create AAA Profile using your current RADIUS server group pointed to the NPS server within the AAA Profile add a NAS-ID of your choice

- Create a Policy in NPS with the NAS-ID you used in the previous step and also add the AD group you would like to allowed , the authentication type needs to be PAP (Unsecured). This rule should be move to the top.

- Finally in the Controller point the management to the new AAA profile with local fallback

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Pardon typos sent from Mobile
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Re: Management Authentication using Windows NPS

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I appreciate  i am replying to an oooold post but is the authentcation 'PAP' still the only method for this process.