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Manual MDNS entries for airgroup



So after multiple investigations into using airtame devices on our network over wired and wireless networks we have realised that we cannot get our RAPs to auto-discover due to the fact that MDNS is not supported when using a NAT.  As traffic is split tunneled the only devices the RAP can see are the ones that are tunneled back over the controller.  The local devices to the RAP do not appear.

A workaround was to potentially add the manual MDNS entries into the airgroup servers list, that way I thought the controller could potentially share these with the devices.  Does anyone know if this is a viable solution?

Also on entering in the airtames info manually to the airgroup server list I noticed that the VLAN is showing as 0 but there are no settings or commands to change this (see image attached).  Anyone know if this is possible?

I can also confirm that even with these manual entries we still cannot see the device being shared by the controller.  Does anything look in correct from the pics attached of the manual entries (



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