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Manual client association with AP.............

In my WLAN setup comprising of 620 controller and AP-105 x 7 AP's, i can see that one particular AP is being accessed by multiple clients.


Kindly share with me how to manually associate client with another AP & why does other AP's paced nearby does not cater to  client request.

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Re: Manual client association with AP

Short of blacklisting a client on a particular AP, you can't manually force it anywhere (at least AFAIK). You can enable load balancing or ClientMatch (a new 6.3 feature) to get clients to distribute more evenly though.

Re: Manual client association with AP.............


You can do a couple of things (you can't manually force it from the controller perspective):


- Remove lower data rates under the SSID profile

- Set a minimum local probe threshold to 25 (if you have hidden SSID otherwise this won't work all the time)

- do a show ap arm rf-summary <apname> or show ap arm history <apname> to determine the current power levels on the AP (maybe the minimum power are too high)

- Update the drivers and if you are using windows some wireless cards allow to manage the roaming settings 


Note: remember that is up to the wireless card to roam so depending what algorithm is use to determine the SNR/RSSI values that the device can see from the APs

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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