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Master Consideration for many to one Deployment

Okay i would like to know what kind of consideration i need to have when having this scenario


I got about 30 remote sites with aruba 200 controllers and another 10 sites with aruba 650 controllers... about 400 aps in total....


Now we want to have one master and have all the others being local controllers.  The managment will be done on the master controller and if one to 3  remote sites fails at the same time they can lms to the master and still working...


Now if i just look the part of the APS i could have a 3200 controller... dont really think even if there is too many remote branches with small WCs... will affect that much the performance as just the config get pushed when you click save configuration... or i dont know if there is something else?

Willl a 3200 handle it with no issue? or do i need to take soemthing in consideration...

Take in mind that it might have like 40 AP groups on the 3200... which will be downloaded to the locals... and i don tknow which i dont think so it will impact the small controller having soo much config? because well he will just use one of those AP groups but still all the AP groups that he is not using will be downloaded to them.


Any advice on this will be nice







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Re: Master Consideration for many to one Deployment

Your config would have to get much bigger than that to pose a problem. Even on the 200. I wouldn't worry about it.


Workload on the controller/s is much more siginificantly affected by what the configuration makes the system DO. Intensive RF and firewall functions start to stiffle them first if anything.


To be honest, I think if I were you I'd be working on validating the WAN between controllers (and maybe any interior firewalls) don't present any challenges before worrying about the controller config.


Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)
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