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Master/Local Controller

In Master/Local Architecture , Can local controller contiue to operate as normal if master fails ?

Re: Master/Local Controller

Ye, the local will be able to function but the master is needed for the following :
- push config
- arm calculations
- ids/ips
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Re: Master/Local Controller


All the APs termintating on the local controller will keep working

The thing is that you wont be able to modify ap configurations or any configuration that the master syncronize with the  local controller.




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Re: Master/Local Controller

Something else to keep in mind, is that the local-user/ap databases are master only, so if you're making use of these, the local might run in a reduced service state during failover (i.e. certain configurations wouldn't work fully). Examples are...


1. If you're using machine-auth enforcement.

2. Using the local databases for guest or RAP authentication.


I did have it in my mind a new feature was mentioned regarding syncing local databases from masters to locals, but maybe I imagined/dreamt it?!?!



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Re: Master/Local Controller

Yes iLocal will still works, but take note not to reboot the local controller when your Master fails.



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Re: Master/Local Controller

Masters are responsible for the following functions in the WLAN:

  1. Policy configuration
  2. AP white lists
  3. Wireless security coordination
  4. Valid AP list
  5. RF visualization
  6. Location
  7. Initial AP configuration
  8. Control plane security
  9. Authentication and roles

Locals are responsible for the following functions in the WLAN

  1. AP, AM, and SM configuration, management, and software updates
  2. Device session termination
  3. ARM assignments and load balancing
  4. RFProtect™ security enforcement and blacklisting:
  5. RFProtect spectrum analysis
  6. CPsec AP certification
  7. Mobility
  8. Quality of service (QoS)
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