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Master / Local LAB, ver_6.4.3.9, AP's config incorecct

Hi,every one, I am a new about aruba,

Here is my Master / Local LAB ,

Master ver : ArubaOS (MODEL: Aruba6000), Version   IP :

Local ver : ArubaOS (MODEL: Aruba7210), Version    IP :

All Switches
IP Address      Name       Location          Type    Model      Version        Status  Configuration State  Config Sync Time (sec)  Config ID
----------      ----       --------          ----    -----      -------        ------  -------------------  ----------------------  ---------  Aruba6000  Building1.floor1  master  Aruba6000  up      UPDATE SUCCESSFUL    0                       29  Aruba7210  Building1.floor1  local   Aruba7210  up      UPDATE SUCCESSFUL    2                       29

Total Switches:2


When I set an AP-105 use remote AP mode, and I config the LMS profile , there is an strange thing about the ap config,


here is the ap database display

AP Database
Name         Group            AP Type  IP Address    Status         Flags  Switch IP       Standby IP
----         -----            -------  ----------    ------         -----  ---------       ----------
My-test-001  Group-Jace_test  105  Up 1h:30m:40s  Rc2



here is my group config

AP group "Group-Jace_test"
Parameter                                Value
---------                                -----
Virtual AP                               VAP-Mydot1x
802.11a radio profile                    default
802.11g radio profile                    default
Ethernet interface 0 port configuration  default
Ethernet interface 1 port configuration  default
Ethernet interface 2 port configuration  shutdown
Ethernet interface 3 port configuration  shutdown
Ethernet interface 4 port configuration  shutdown
AP system profile                        apsys_LMStest
VoIP Call Admission Control profile      default
802.11a Traffic Management profile       N/A
802.11g Traffic Management profile       N/A
Regulatory Domain profile                default
RF Optimization profile                  default
RF Event Thresholds profile              default
IDS profile                              default
Mesh Radio profile                       default
Mesh Cluster profile                     N/A
Provisioning profile                     N/A
AP authorization profile                 N/A


I set the group's ap-system file use "apsys_LMStest" , but when I check the ap config, it shows different

(Aruba6000) #show ap config ap-name My-test-001

Configuration for AP name "My-test-001" AP group "Group-Jace_test"
Parameter                                                                    802.11g                         802.11a                Source
---------                                                                    -------                         -------                ------
RF Band                                                                      g                               g                      ap system-profile "apsys_default"
RF Band for AM mode scanning                                                 all                             all                    ap system-profile "apsys_default"
Native VLAN ID                                                               1                               1                      ap system-profile "apsys_default"
Tunnel Heartbeat Interval                                                    1                               1                      ap system-profile "apsys_default"
Session ACL                                                                  ap-uplink-acl                   ap-uplink-acl          ap system-profile "apsys_default"
SNMP sysContact                                                              N/A                             N/A                    ap system-profile "apsys_default"
LED operating mode (11n/11ac APs only)                                       normal                          normal                 ap system-profile "apsys_default"
LED override                                                                 Disabled                        Disabled               ap system-profile "apsys_default"
Driver log level                                                             emergencies                     emergencies            ap system-profile "apsys_default"
SAP MTU                                                                      N/A                             N/A                    ap system-profile "apsys_default"
RAP MTU                                                                      1200 bytes                      1200 bytes             ap system-profile "apsys_default"
LMS IP                                                                              ap system-profile "apsys_default"
Backup LMS IP                                                              




so I can't move the AP to Local-controller

could anyone provide some suggestion for me,

Thank you !

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Re: Master / Local LAB, ver_6.4.3.9, AP's config incorecct

You applied and saved configuration afterwards?


Does it behave the same way if you apply a new profile elsewhere? 

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Re: Master / Local LAB, ver_6.4.3.9, AP's config incorecct

Hi, thank you for the reply


I create a new ap-system profile, and change the AP-Group's sp-system profile.

write memory and check the Master / Local AP configuration.( the config was synconized to local)

then I reboot the AP , it still use the wrong config .


which command should I use to toublesoot ,

show datapath or something ?


thank you !

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