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Master/Master redundancy Public/Private NAT issues

Hey All,


I am trying to figure out if I have a Cisco ASA config issue or an Aruba 7010 Redundancy config issue.  

I have two 7010's running as Master/Master.  Both Master controllers have private IP address and share a Redundancy IP address from the same subnet/vlan as their regular IP addresses.  I have NAT'ed the Redundancy address to a public address in my Cisco ASA but cannot ping that Public address from the outside world nor can I ping from the Master/Master pair.  From said pair I can ping their default gateway (cisco 3750), the inside interface of the ASA, and the outside interface of the ASA but no further.




any ideas?



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Re: Master/Master redundancy Public/Private NAT issues

BTW, the only thing I am doing differently here (where I can't reach the controller from the outside world) from what I am doing with a Master at another location is that this one has the VRRP going on...



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Re: Master/Master redundancy Public/Private NAT issues

hi Rif It is a little bit confused. why do you need a static NAT for your Controllers virtual VRRP IP Address. Anyway can you Check your NAT Config with your Switch IP in example. So you can troubleshoot your NAT Ruhe. Some Infos for ASA: Use logging in "Monitoring" to trobleshoot your ASA. Use the "Packet Capture Tool" in your ASA to Check your Config.

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