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Master-local with different hardware

Hi everyone,

My hospital merge with a new hospital and we must take the existing infrastructure.


Currently installed :

Aruba 3400 v6.3.1.15 Standalone mode (EOL)

18 AP65 / 14 AP105

32 AP licence and 32 PEFNG licence


Constraints :

- Change AP65 but I only have AP103 witch required AOS v6.4.x that is not supported by AP65 ... (thanks Aruba !)

- Provide support on this infrastructure over long time

- Deploy more AP to extand coverage (minimum 20 new AP)


My idea : 

Buy an Aruba 7030 v6.4.x.x (with support contract)

Buy 18 Ap licence

Switch the 18 AP65 by AP103 on the new controler

When all AP65 are changed, I update Aruba 3400 to same version 6.4.x.x that 7030.

Finlally, I change to Master/Local mode with 7030 acting as Master.

Activation of Centralized Licencing on master and local

Drink a cup of coffee...


In the future:

There may be more AP to deploy but not more than 64 in total.

With this solution, I have scalability, High availibility, support and save (a little) money.


Do you think it's a good design ? 



Re: Master-local with different hardware

I did essentially what you've described to get rid of out AP60/65 gear and move to 205/275 - we used the 7210 controller.

To ease your mind a bit: we found that clients were able to roam from old-AP/old-controller to new-AP/new-controller (carefully identical wireless configurations of course) with no difficulties.


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