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Mesh antenna for back-haul and for access

Is it possible to deploy a mesh AP with a point to point antenna for back-haul but then also provide omni coverage to the surrounding area?  is this what Aruba's Outdoor Mesh APs like MST200 are for?  Is this achievable with 1 802.11ac AP 224 to provide both back-haul to the mesh-gateway AND local access or will i need to have 1 AP224 with a yagi pointing to mesh gateway, and a second WAP delivering local access with an omni connected via the AP224 access port?   Or is this all suppose to be done with MST200 and if so, do I need to use MST200 at both the access node and the gateway node, or just the access node?



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Re: Mesh antenna for back-haul and for access

-The MST200 is a single-radio outdoor AP with a built-in high gain / directional antenna. As such it is suitable for the Mesh P2P link only.

- You can use the AP-175, or IAP-175 (outdoor 802.11n) which is a dual-radio AP.  You can have a directional antenna, such as the ANT-2x2-5314, on the 5GHz radio for the P2P link then use an omni-directional antenna such as  the ANT-2x2-2005 on the 2.4GHz radio.

-We have a new outdoor 802.11ac AP, AP-274 and -275; however, till later this year they do not support Mesh links.

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