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Mesh mode with IAP-324-RW



I would like to establish a point-to-point link between two APs using mesh mode in order to test radio throughput between them. I am interested in using Wave 2 capabilities so I'd like to use IAP-324.

Please find below the architecture I'd like to set up:


Let's assume we have 2 computers for traffic exchange measures, and that computer connected to Mesh portal is a DHCP server too.

Is this architecture possible ? Is mesh mode possible in that case ?


Thank you in advance for your answer.



Re: Mesh mode with IAP-324-RW

Mesh is not yet supported on the AP-32x currently. I don't know for sure of a full roadmap for mesh support for IAP, but it usually comes 1-3 months after support in the controller. I think AOS 6.5 is the target, which would be late summer for the controllers, so fall time frame for 32x APs. PLM is free to correct me.


Any of the AP-2xx series would work for what you have represented though. The 22x / 27x will give the highest performance, though if you are doing this indoors, I would use the 224/225.

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Re: Mesh mode with IAP-324-RW

Thank you very much for your answer



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