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Mesh problem

I have set up an mesh (forward mode: bridge) between two sites.

I want all vlans to pass in the mesh.

The mesh is configured on a controller. Behind the Mesh point is a switch and a client access point which is also connected to the same controller.


The mesh link is stable (RSSI 22) but data flow is not working as it should.

I am unable to get an dhcp ip on the native vlan of the mesh point.

I tried to put the cap on another vlan and it's getting an ip but get's status 2D after provisioning.

Controller logs says "Rebooting: Unable to set up IPSec Tunnel, Error:RC_ERROR_IKEV2_TIMEOUT"


Might the problem be when it passes throgh the controller?

Is there a way to configure the mesh portal not to use a tunnel to the controller?






Re: Mesh problem

There is a few things this could be, but use the attached PDF to walk through your config (look at AOS Mesh - Trunk). Make sure the port is trusted, that the correct interface has the correct network config, that BOTH sides (portal and point) is configured with the same network config (same native, same trunk), and ensure that your mesh native vlan is defined if it's not.

Jerrod Howard
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Re: Mesh problem

Thanks Jerrod,

The document was very helpful but unfortunately it didn't solve the problem.


Still got issues with connectivity through the mesh.

I opened a case a couple of weeks before I posted this and after hours of phone support they returned with the reponse that this is no supported setup.

And thats it.


Re: Mesh problem

Then there is something else going on, every notional architecture on the mesh config stub page is validated and tested. We can absolutely do a mesh link and carry another AP over the mesh back to the controller, I've lost count of how many sites have done this. 

If this is something you still want to pursue, I would start over with a perfectly flat network, all VLAN 1. Setup the mesh per the config, enabled the wired interface on the portal, and verify you can get DHCP off the mesh point and bring the AP up. When it's all working on a flat VLAN, then you add a layer with a trunked VLAN, etc, etc. You're other option is to pull in an Aruba certified partner to have them look at the setup and see if there's anything they can identify as the culprit.

Jerrod Howard
Distinguished Technologist, TME
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