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Metal Ceiling AP-105



I have a couple of questions.


1) I wondered if someone could answer whether or not it is advisable to mount an AP-105 to a ceiling that is made up of metal panels?

I have attached a picture of the ceiling in question.


2) This particular survey has been quite difficult as some rooms have these types of ceilings and others don't, other rooms also have nowhere to mount the APs other than on the wall, so it would be a mix of ceiling/wall deployment. Does anyone know if this is likely to cause any issues? In past surveys we have either stuck to an all wall or all ceiling deployment, but never mixed the two before, so we don't know whether this is going to cause any issues either.


If anyone can advise on either of these questions that would be appreciated.


Thank you



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Re: Metal Ceiling AP-105


 Our current office setup consists of 135s, wall and ceiling mounted on wood paneling over solid metal backing.  We havent seen any degredation in service with the mounting mix.  Do you have any specific service requirements youre supposed to hit with this installation or just generally provide service?



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Re: Metal Ceiling AP-105

Hi Chris,


Thanks for the reply.


The customer in question just wants wireless coverage in certain areas, so that they can use their iPads, so I guess just provide a general service really. I guess that we won't know for sure how it all performs until the cable runs are completed and we have the APs mounted.

We only have a small team of people none of whom are wireless 'experts', so when it comes to things like metal ceilings or wall mount vs ceiling mount, we don't really know the answers and post on here instead.