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Migration - 620 to 3200

Hi folks,

I would like to receive your opinion about a wireless topology....

Now, I have 2 Aruba controllers (620). These are independent, and each one has its own wireless networks (about 5 for each). Also, they are in the same physical location (same rack), and each one has lots of APs (the APs are spread around the country).

I'm planning to replace theses controllers, and unify all wireless networks in one cluster (VRRP cluster of 3200 controllers).  So, I need to merge the configuration of the two 620 and put in the 3200 cluster.

Here is the question! How can I achieve this, smootlhy with minimum downtime?

1) One method I've thought was to simply configure 2 VRRP IP (same IPs of the 620's), shutdown the 620s, and wait the APs look for the VRRP cluster and appear. The disadvantage is that I have to migrate all APs at once. I don't know either how the VRRP cluster will treat the new APs, since it does not have knowledge about these APs before.....

2) In each 620, configure the option LMS-BACKUP IP (with the VRRP IP). If I break connectivity of one AP to the 620, then it will migrate to the VRRP cluster. Again, I don't know how the VRRP cluster will treat the AP, but in this manner I have a chance to migrate only a few APs and to some tests.....

PS: I'm not using auto-cert provisioning.

Is this valid? Maybe there are a simple way I can't see...

Thanks in advance. Best regards.

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Re: Migration - 620 to 3200

You should bring up the 3200 new and configure all of your networks, in two ap-groups, from scratch.  How you proceed to migrate the existing access points to the new controller depends on what method of discovery you are using for those access points to find their new controller.


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Re: Migration - 620 to 3200

I'm using DNS....

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