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Missing services under security/access control/polices

When I go under policy and create a new policy and select session then click add rule, under the services I only have any(0 0). I should have svc-dhcp for example. I am running code on a 650 controller.

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Re: Missing services under security/access control/polices

Did you install the PEF-NG license?  You might have installed it and clicked on "write mem" before you rebooted it.  If you have access to the commandline, copy and paste all of the commands below into your controller.:


config t
netservice svc-netbios-dgm udp 138
netservice svc-snmp-trap udp 162
netservice svc-syslog udp 514
netservice svc-l2tp udp 1701
netservice svc-ike udp 500
netservice svc-https tcp 443
netservice svc-smb-tcp tcp 445
netservice svc-dhcp udp 67 68
netservice svc-pptp tcp 1723
netservice svc-sec-papi udp 8209
netservice svc-sccp tcp 2000
netservice svc-telnet tcp 23
netservice svc-lpd tcp 515
netservice svc-netbios-ssn tcp 139
netservice svc-sip-tcp tcp 5060
netservice svc-kerberos udp 88
netservice svc-tftp udp 69
netservice svc-http-proxy3 tcp 8888
netservice svc-noe udp 32512
netservice svc-cfgm-tcp tcp 8211
netservice svc-adp udp 8200
netservice svc-pop3 tcp 110
netservice svc-rtsp tcp 554
netservice svc-dns udp 53
netservice svc-h323-udp udp 1718 1719
netservice svc-h323-tcp tcp 1720
netservice svc-vocera udp 5002
netservice svc-http tcp 80
netservice svc-http-proxy2 tcp 8080
netservice svc-sip-udp udp 5060
netservice svc-nterm tcp 1026 1028
netservice svc-noe-oxo udp 5000 alg noe
netservice svc-papi udp 8211
netservice svc-natt udp 4500
netservice svc-ftp tcp 21
netservice svc-microsoft-ds tcp 445
netservice svc-svp 119
netservice svc-smtp tcp 25
netservice svc-gre 47
netservice svc-netbios-ns udp 137
netservice svc-sips tcp 5061
netservice svc-smb-udp udp 445
netservice svc-ipp-tcp tcp 631
netservice svc-esp 50
netservice svc-v6-dhcp udp 546 547
netservice svc-snmp udp 161
netservice svc-bootp udp 67 69
netservice svc-msrpc-udp udp 135 139
netservice svc-ntp udp 123
netservice svc-icmp 1
netservice svc-ipp-udp udp 631
netservice svc-ssh tcp 22
netservice svc-v6-icmp 58
netservice svc-http-proxy1 tcp 3128


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Re: Missing services under security/access control/polices

Which browser are you using?


Try clearing your browser cache and using a different browser.


If the error still exists, please run the following command at the CLI: show netservice


Let us know if the list shows up via that CLI command.


Zach Jennings
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