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Mm sizing

Hello guys,

I just installed an vMM cluster at a client's office. Those two MMs are in
They bought a 100 MM licences as they plan on having just 7X devices connected to it.

They gave the virtual machines the minimum specs required (corresponding to MM VA 50 in the installation guide : 3vCPU, 6 GB ram, 6GB disk).

When we installed the licenses on the MM, after pasting the second pack of 50 MM licenses we got a message saying "reached the system limit" but when I check the licences in the GUI I shows a 100MM licenses.

Will we be able to connect more than 50 devices in the MM or will it block us ?
If so, is there any way to change that without having to recreate the virtual machines ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Re: Mm sizing

If the hardware spec is for 50 devices, that is the max that will be supported.

Charlie Clemmer
Aruba Customer Engineering
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Re: Mm sizing



Since i would've been stuck with MM-VA-50 i expanded the VM CPUs/RAM/HDD to the specs of the MM-VA-500 and rebooted it hoping it would change "type" of the machine. It did.


Show inventory now shows that its no longer 50 but 500. 


So problem solved.

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