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Mounting AP

Would like to know whether is any disadvantages if we have Wall mounted and ceiling mounted at the same location?


The need of this is we found some coverages issues at customer place as all the AP's are mounted in the corridor and coverage of the wireless is very very weak inside room around 11dbm.


So we planned to mount AP's in side the  room but found that we have already a wired point . So we would like wall mount the AP's.


So we have rooms either side of corridor?


Do advise anything needs to be taken care? 

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Re: Mounting AP

If you don't ceiling-mount the APs, (1) coverage will be uneven (2) Users under the wall-mounted APs will have no coverage.

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Re: Mounting AP

/you do not state what AP models you are using.


Currently, we use AP-225 for ceining mounting & AP-224 + 2.2 dBi antennas doe wall mounting. The AP-0225 built-in antennas are designed for ceiling mount installations.

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Re: Mounting AP

Thanks Mr.Colin so having the AP's Ceiling and Wall mounted will not have any issues.


Hi Bosborne,

                     currently having AP-105 and planning to go with AP-205H as wall mounted having n only on it.



Re: Mounting AP

Please be warned that mounting AP's in a corridor is perhaps the worst place to mount them. Unless you have very good understanding of what you are doing, put the AP's wherever your users are. Typically that is not in the corridors, but in the rooms; and try to put the AP's on places where they have minimal line-of-sight to eachothers.


Without proper professional RF planning, a corridor deployment is the main recipe for poor performing network. If that is the only way to mount the AP's, make clear that it is far from optimal and may result into poor performance.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: Mounting AP

Hi Hrobers,

                    Thanks for the detail information .



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