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Multiple Accounting Servers

Is there a way to define multile radius accounting servers?  We are a public school and have an internet filtering solution that can take radius accounting packets and can match up our users to a filtering policy.  The main benefet is for BYOD devices that we have no control over, it would give our filtering software the ability to know the username and such.  My understanding is that with arubaos we can define radius servers, but they will only be used in order.  Any ideas?

Re: Multiple Accounting Servers

Have you tried using a different RADIUS accounting group in the aaa profile?  


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Re: Multiple Accounting Servers

I believe the answer is no.
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Re: Multiple Accounting Servers

In short no. We have tried to get this working using multiple RADIUS servers defined in a server group and getting the first server to not respond to any of the RADIUS accounting packets. Whilst this works for a while (the packets are also sent to the 2nd server in the list) after a certain amount of failures the controller stops sending the accounting packets to the 1st server (it is marked as down).

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Re: Multiple Accounting Servers

Sorry for a slow reply, start of school got me wrapped up.  This is unforunate though, as we could use those accounting packets for other things.  Hopefully this will be a feature that may come in a future release?  Is it possible that clearpass could do this?

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