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Multiple VRRP addresses on a single VLAN

I'm getting ready to convert my configuration from a Master/Standby to a Master/Local1/Local2 configuration, where the APs connect to on of the local controllers and the Master provides redundancy for each of the local controllers..  Since my controllers are connected to the same VLANs, I am planning to use VRRP for my redundancy solution.


My question is, can I run multiple VRRP addresses on the same VLAN?  That way, I could avoid having three different subnets.


For example, if my controllers are all in the subnet with the following addresses:






Can I have three different VRRP addresses: - Master Primary, Local1 Secondary, Local2 Tertiary. - Local1 Primary, Master Secondary. - Local2 Primary, Master Secondary.


The APs on boot-up would connect to (provided by DHCP)

The Master controller, would then point them to either or based on AP configuration database.


If this doesn't work, I'll need to have three different VLANs and subnets.  I know I can do this on a router, but I'm not sure if the Aruba controllers support this functionality.



Re: Multiple VRRP addresses on a single VLAN

Yes you can have multiple VRRP instances on the same VLAN.   I am not sure if there is any recommended maximum however.  



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Re: Multiple VRRP addresses on a single VLAN

Thanks Clembo.  I only need three VRRP addresses at this point in time.

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