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NAT on controller.

Hi  to all, 

This is my requirement, I want to NAT traffic hitting the public-ip on port 8010 be NATed to PC IP port 80. The return traffic should also be NATED. lets say the public-ip interface is port 0/0/1 and private ip port 0/0/2. 

How can i configure this?



Re: NAT on controller.

for outgoing NAT, use ip nat-inside on the vlan interface that the address lives in


for incoming port nat on the trunk port, create an access-list with the desired rule, something like the below.


* note * do your own testing on this, the below is untested


ip access-list session nat_thing
    any host tcp 80 dst-nat 8010 ip 
    user any any permit


now go to the interface and apply the ACL


interface gigabitethernet 0/0/1
  ip access-group nat_thing session

CLI commands to verify the behavior:

show datapath session | include,
show acl hits



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