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Need IAP bridge Help

Good Morning.


We currently have a wireless bridge up and running. The issue I am having is trying to convert this bridge to pass as a TRUNK and all VLANS. Right now it is just set to pass a certain VLAN. I cannot get the wired profile to work as a trunk. See the attachement of my desired configuration.


Currently we are using IAP-175s and running on code

Re: Need IAP bridge Help

I will be setting up some IAP test bridges today or tomorrow and can test, but what do you have on the wired port config? I am running IAP 3.3 (latest) so mine may not match yours, but I can create a wired port config, and apply it to the wired port I am trying to configure, and set the wired port config to trunk, native vlan 1 (looks like you gotta have something) and 'all' as the carried VLANs...




Once I get my bridges installed in the garage and backyard, I will see if I can test real quick. But otherwise, please open a TAC case and they can help make sure to get your configuration working.

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