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Newbies Question - Configuring new SSID

We've bee using a 600 controller for about 6 months now and it was orginally installed by a 3rd party unfortunately as of yet we haven't been able to get any training on the kit so I'm now blindly trying to configure a new SSID.


I've used the wizard and configured a new VLAN and given the VLAN an IP address, I can ping the address from the network but none of the AP's are broadcasting the new SSID. The SSID is enabled and doesn't have hide SSID.


What have I missed in the config that I need to do to get the new SSID working?







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Re: Newbies Question - Configuring new SSID

When you used the wizard, you should have added the SSID to the AP group that the access points are in already, otherwise it will not broadcast.

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Re: Newbies Question - Configuring new SSID

Did you provision the access points?


Is the SSID (aka Virtual AP Profile) applied to the default AP profile? Or did you create a new AP group?


Which AP model are you using? Some APs come in as unprovisioned, as opposed to automatically being provisioned in the default AP group.


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