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Re: No mesh-cluster-recovery profile is generated in Controller

Meantime I installed another VMC - same standalone instance, same sw version - and there it seems the mesh recovery profile is there, so something went wrong on my controller, but it woudl be nice to have a commande which can enforce the regenartion of the recovery profile. 

[mynode] #show ap mesh-recovery-profile

AP Mesh Recovery Profile
Item Value
---- -----
Cluster Name RecoverypUgwAoAXwDH8Ll2X
RF Band a
WPA Hexkey ********
WPA Passphrase N/A
Encryption wpa2-psk-aes

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Re: No mesh-cluster-recovery profile is generated in Controller

I don't know how it came up without a mesh recovery profile, that's generated on initial startup. A wr erase all should trigger it to rebuild, but if you still have it up and a wr erase all doesn't do it, open a TAC case so they can look at what's going on. If it was an early VMC from 8.0 and was upgraded over time, that might be it, but I don't know.

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