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Number of users for AP

Could somebody tell us a document,that informs the best practices for the number of user per AP based on the model?

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Re: Number of users for AP

30 or more then it gets flagged up. We normally go by this as a max but its not always about numbers, 1 user can pull as much as 30 users on idle. etc.. Use band steering, dual radio APs and clients with abgn NICs and latest drivers and thats a good starter.

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Re: Number of users for AP

Ok,is there any technical document that says something about it? I didn't find in the datasheets...

Re: Number of users for AP

Hello  Like i was telling you in the other topic

To calculate that you need to take in mind many things

BW used per device

Number of devices

Type of Access Points

Type of WLAN card of the device(for example if the client cards is 2x2 or its 1x1)


This can give you an idea of how many devices you can put for AP( remenber this will give you an IDEA is not exact)




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