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OS upgradation

Hi Friends,

Currently one of our controller is running ArubaOS (Digitally Signed - Production Build). can it be upgraded to latest Aruba OS? if yes please provide the procedures.


Thanks & Regards
Syed Murad Ali
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Re: OS upgradation

Please controller 200

Thanks & Regards
Syed Murad Ali

Re: OS upgrading


I hope i understood your question..so here is the answer:


Controller of 200 can be upgrade , But up to version 5.X.

(You will not be able to install version 6.0.X or 6.1.X) - upgrading process via TFTP is recommended. (but there are also other methods)


TIP: flashbackup | and also save your config locally before doing an AOS upgrade.


Hope that clarify this issue for u.

Replay if u need more info.


For downloading a new version of ArubaOS - u should contact your partner or log into the Partner/Support site.




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Re: OS upgradation

Hello Syed,


kdisc98 already pointed you in the right direction, but thought I'd just add some more info for you.


This post has direct links to what you need.



5.0.4 isn't listed in ArubaOS Software Feature Matrix at all, but 200/800/1200 can support up to the latest 5.0.x as kdisc98 said. The release notes have detailed upgrade specifications for the upgrade from 3.3 to 5.0.x.


Just want to add my two cent to the already described upgrade procedure. Delete old logfiles and reboot the controller before loading the new image. Reason is that in my experience it's either not enough storage and/or memory to complete the process, and either you are lucky enough to just get an error message telling you whats wrong or the controller just hangs and you need to hard-reboot it..


Good luck!

John Solberg

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Re: OS upgradation

Thank you so much kdisc98 and jsolb. That is exactly what i was looing for....

Thanks & Regards
Syed Murad Ali
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