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OTP integration with Aruba Controller!

Hi Friends,


Client is having his own inhouse OTP system. His requirement is that 

Any user with laptop (inbuilt wireless  card)  should  be able to connect to Wi-Fi after being authenticated with his OTP solution(user will be first authenticated using username and password and message will be sent to user with OTP, if user enters correct OTP, user will be authenticated). So its a 2 way authentication.


So the process will be like follows:-

1) Users put in their credentials which is received by OTP solution, which is inturn integrated with AD to check if username exists.

2) when Username password matches, OTP solution will send an sms to the user.


My concern is that how can we integrate Aruba Controller with this OTP, which uses radius as protocol.

Even if its integrated with controller, where will the end client put the OTP received from the OTP server


GUYS please help, it a very crucial deal! 



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Re: OTP integration with Aruba Controller!



It is not possible with Controller, you can raise a feature request for this. 

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: OTP integration with Aruba Controller!

You would a token server to use in conjunction with the controller. You'd
also have to use EAP-GTC which requires a 3rd party supplicant on most

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
@timcappalli | timcappalli.me | ACMX #367 / ACCX #480
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Re: OTP integration with Aruba Controller!

Hi Tim,


As suggested by you, I have installed EAP-GTC client installed on client machine, and termination enabled on controller. Good part is that OTP is shooted to client, as well as another prompts comes up for user to enter OTP. But however after this authenication fails.


What can be the probable cause. What is the changes I need to do in client wireless SSID profile, which we generally create manually. Please help

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Re: OTP integration with Aruba Controller!

it is quite difficult to guess what the issue is. i would focus on the authentication server output, what does it say? why does it send an auth failed.

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