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Odd AP-224 behaviour



Just wondering if anyone has any insights to the following problem. We have two AP-224s with AP-ANT-1ws deployed in a long corridor. Both happily get clients. However, one of the APs sometimes fails to let clients DHCP and authenticate (but still lets other clients happliy connect). If we take these unhappy clients down the corridor they will connect to the other AP-224 or any other of the APs in the building, just not this one. Neither AP is particularly saturated with clients. We're running There is no pattern to the clients, its all flavours of OS and device type.


Anyone any ideas?



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Re: Odd AP-224 behaviour

We would need your logs.tar to determine what is going on.  That would mean opening a TAC case.

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Re: Odd AP-224 behaviour

Thanks Colin.


I'll arrange this, our logs.tar is huge though, is there an ftp we can drop this to when we open a TAC?



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