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Open SSID best practice


   I have an 800 controller running with 12 105's


We started with an open SSID that only goes out for the public to use.   No authentication.   Works great.

(vlan 10)


The other network on the device is vlan'd off and require wpa to connect / authentication.  (staff use only)

(vlan 20)


Recenlty we got another providers internet access and would like to put out another open SSID to my patrons.

(another seperate vlan, vlan 30)


I tried to create another SSID without authentication and it looks like it creates it.     If I go to check to see what is broadcasting in that VAP group, its not there.   Apparently you can only have one open SSID broadcasting?


Is that true or am I missing something?   Any help would be cool.   Did some searches, didnt find anything like this but I am sure I am not the ONLY one.  







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Re: Open SSID best practice

Did you use the wizard to create the new VAP/SSID?


Also, if you run show ap essid does the new SSID appear in the list?

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Re: Open SSID best practice

I used the wizard to create the new open SSID.

Looked ok creating it, just didn't want to show it.

If I went into the wizard again, didn't list it.

Funny part is that if I created a new SSID with WPA (or anything else) it would accept and public the new SSID.

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Re: Open SSID best practice

might be a long shot (as it works with some deployment but not with others) but for the wizard doesnt always work correctly with some browsers. could you try with another browser and trying clearing cache and cookies and such first?


dont believe there is a ONE limit on the ammount of open SSIDs.

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