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hello all,
I want to cover with  WIFI an outdoor space with  MSR-2000 and 4000,
I have set my AP’s on a  30 m tower
so I have two questions
1.  will Omni-directional antenna be sufficient to provide coverage
2. If this is not the case what type of antenna you my advice

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Re: Outdoor Antenna Types

This really depends on the deployment, access requirements, and outdoor space. 


Please see here for antenna choices:



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Re: Outdoor Antenna Types

Though I can't definitively say what you should do here are a couple suggestions. When on top of a fairly decent sized tower understanding antenna patterns is very important. Standard dipole antennas have a pancake like propagation that can sometimes be less than ideal for tall structures. In situations like this a wide sector antenna like the ANT-2X2-D805 can be a good start. It has 120 degrees of horizontal coverage which is fairly wide. If doing Mesh then a good backhaul antenna to start on is usually a ANT-2X2-5614U. This has a narrow 55 degree horizontal beam width and a 13 degree vertical beam width which allows for high gain and a strong link in the 5.5-5.9 Ghz band. I hope some of this will be of some help. There's no universal answer and in the end you'll have to judge the situation by its environment but I feel those are some good places to start.
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