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Outdoor Bridging suggestions

I'm in the process of designing a network that will require bridging some pretty significant distances with wireless.  I may need it to be able to reliably bridge anywhere from 1100 to 2000 feet.  I read through the Outdoor MIMO VRD and I'm now I'm torn between the idea of using AirMesh Routers or AP 27X  (either 277s or 274s with some relatively high-gain directionals). 


The network is going to include indoor APs and a 7200 series controller so I'm pushed toward the AP 270s, but I've run into some issues with them in the past and I'm a bit concerend given the distances between the mesh nodes.  I know this isn't a ton of information, but assuming that I will be able to achieve line-of-sight between the APs/Bridges what would the recommended solution be?

Re: Outdoor Bridging suggestions

2000 feet will not be an issue, look at using a pair of 277 for that PtP link run back to your controller.

Jerrod Howard
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