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Outdoor P2P connection

if i will use AP-175 for outdoor Pont to Multipoint connection ( one AP175 will teminate 6 points from Other  distributed 6*AP-175 )  , which Antenna shall be used ?

Distances are  between 100-300 Meters 

Alos if i used MST/MSR , is it better to :

aggreagte each 2 points  ( 2* MST ) from the 6  into 1 Point ( MSR2K )  , then aggregate the 2 MSR2K into one MSR4K @ backhuling Point ?   

Or :

use 6 * MST200 & terminate them to 1*MSR4K ?   ( Distances are  between 100-300 Meters  )



Re: Outdoor P2P connection

For the centralized AP-175 unit, use an Omni Directional antenna with high gain. e.g.  ANT-2x2-5010


For the distributed AP-175 units, use a directional antenna, pointing back to the centralized unit, again high gain.  eg. ANT-2x2-5614x


If you were OK with a design of 6 x AP-175 aggregating to 1 x AP-175 in a centralized position, I would recommend 'keeping it simple' and using 6 x MST-200, pointing towards a centralized MSR-2K.   


Remember, in each case (6x175  or 6xMST200) you have a shared medium, so all points will share the max channel rate of 300Mbps.     If your application at each site needs much much less than that 300/6 == 50Mbps(rough estimate) over the air, then you are in great shape...   If you were looking for something like 100Mbps per site, then the design needs to get more complex.


Hope that helps..



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Re: Outdoor P2P connection

Thx JF

if i used MSR4K to terminate 4* MST200 , by that i will have BW not dropped to 1/4 , right ? 

Also , if i will need High BW , what do suggest as alternative design to provide higher BW ?



Re: Outdoor P2P connection

If you have an MSR4K with seperate channels, each channel directed at a MST-200 you will indeed have more bandwidth OVER THE AIR, up to 300Mbps per channel/leg.  


 However remember the MSR4K ethernet port comes into play as well... you have to share that.


How much BW are you looking for ?



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Re: Outdoor P2P connection

Frankly this solution will be instead of Fibe Links , so we are seeking maximum of what we can get

bu i'm afraid that MSR may be expensive , sothat asked about AP-175 option 


Re: Outdoor P2P connection

MSRs are indeed more expensive than AP-175.... BUT.....  MST's are ~half the cost of AP-175s ;-)

Re: Outdoor P2P connection



Only 3 of the radios of an MSR4000 can be on the 5GHz band.   1 radio has to be on the 2.4GHz band.


In addition, for your application you must use 20MHz channels not 40MHz channels.  And the channels must skip one (e.g. center frequences at least 40MHz separated).  


E.g. channels 147, 157 and 165 can be used in 20MHz mode.   Each supporting separate MST200s downstream on their own channels.


Also, you must use directional antennas in this configuration, you cannot use 3 sets of omni antennas for instance.  But this shouldnt be an issue as sectored deployments are going to use panel antennas anyway.


Generally, you want to use the narrowest horizontal beamwidth antenna you can in each sector to achieve the highest gain.  So you want to use either the ANT-2X2-D607 or ANT-2X2-5614 depending on how far apart in degrees your MST200s are in that sector.


Each MSR/MST radio can support a maximum of 6 children.


hope that helps.


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