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Outdoor wi-fi planning with 365 AP

Hi everyone!


I have a request to make an approximate WiFi planning for outdoor wireless access on the railway stations. Since i decided to go with 365 AP models i would like to have some help from this community. Could someone who has experience with this make an example of this planning based on the google map photo below. Coverage is needed within the selected green area. What i want is suggestions to points of mounting and number of APs needed for good coverage. What is is the better height for mounting considering there are a lot of carriages? 




WiFI Planning.jpg

Re: Outdoor wi-fi planning with 365 AP

You would need to provide a google earth KMZ for us to properly scale the drawing, as well as identify all available mounting point of the APs to know where placement should be. That said you will need to get the APs above the train cars/carraiges, as it should be looked at like a warehouse design. You will likely need the APs about 3-5m above the cars minimum, with APs on both sides of the track firing down. General client range from the AP-365 is recommended to be 150m radius, but with the train cars and the top-down coverage within the cars on the tracks, I would cut that in half (assuming you get the APs above the cars). likely 8 APs total, and should likely use AP-367s firing down if the heights will be closer to 10m above ground level. Once we have scale from the KMZ and we know where you can mount the APs, we can do some trig to figure out spacing, coverage, etc. 

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