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I am a beginner in configuring Aruba controllers. I have simple configurations.


I have to configure an Aruba controller 7010 and I want to make a rule so when I connect a computer to a wired port it has to be in VLAN 1, but when it is an IP Phone, it has to be placed in VLAN 20. I have configured such a rule in a Cisco switch, but I cannot achieve the same result with the Aruba controller 7010. I am using LLDP MED.


I have configured the next commands:


configure terminal


vlan 20


ap lldp med-network-policy-profile Voice20

application-type voice


l2-priority 7

vlan 20

dscp 46


ap lldp profile P_Voice20

lldp-med-network-policy-profile Voice20


ap wired-port-profile WP_Voice20

lldp-profile P_Voice20


interface gigabitethernet 0/0/10

lldp receive

lldp transmit

lldp med





This is the configuration I have found in many sites, but the IP Phone does not place in VLAN 20.


I have some doubts:


  1. How does the controller know the profile has to be assigned to a specific port?
  2. Does it mind whether the port is trusted or untrusted?
  3. The main question: Why does not it work? Can anyone help me?


The AOS version is


The IP Phone is connected to port 0/0/10


(Aruba7010) #show lldp neighbor interface gigabitethernet 0/0/10 detail


Interface: GE0/0/10, Number of neighbors: 1


Chassis id:

Interface description: WAN PORT, ID: 00:15:65:46:13:61

Device MAC: 00:15:65:46:13:61

Last Update: Mon Aug  6 16:55:53 2018

Time to live: 180, Expires in: 140 Secs

System capabilities : Bridge, Router, Phone

Enabled capabilities: Bridge, Phone

System name: IPPHONE

System description:


IP Phone


Auto negotiation: Supported, Enabled

Autoneg capability:

  10Base-T, HD: yes, FD: yes

  100Base-T, HD: yes, FD: yes

Media attached unit type: 100BaseTXHD - 2 pair category 5 UTP, half duplex mode



Device Type:  Communication Device Endpoint (Class III)

Capability:   LLDP-MED capabilities, Network policy, Extended power via MDI/PD,


LLDP-MED Network Policy for: AppType: 1, Defined: no

  Descr:        Voice

  Layer 2 Priority: 0

  DSCP Value:   0

Extended Power-over-Ethernet:

  Power Type & Source: PD Device

  Power Source: PSE

  Power Priority: high

  Power Value:  4000


  Hardware Revision:

  Software Revision:

  Firmware Revision:

  Serial Number: 01565461361

  Manufacturer: Yealink

  Model:        SIP-T22P



In the previous show command I have seen that LLDP-MED Network Policy is not defined, and the Layer 2 Priority and DSCP values are 0. I have seen other samples that respond that the LLDP-MED Network Policy is defined, and the Layer 2 Priority and DSCP values are the ones configured previously.


Thanks for your help.




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