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Personal Airplay devices

We currently have around 100 Campus Airplay devices for teaching purposes. We have an existing Campus wide Airgroup domain, I have added these devices using  Airgroup Admin as shared devices and I limit who can se them via role and which areas they can be seen in via AP Groups. This seems to work quite well.

The downside to this is that Faculty now want to start to use Airplay devices in their offices which we currently don't allow or have the config in place to enable this, they would like to have for instance a screen they can mirror to, Airprint, Time Machine etc all in their own space/office. Im happy to do this, but Im wondering about the best way to acheive this? Can I create or allow personal Airgroup 'bubbles' (for want of a better word) where users can register their own devices and have that functionality?

if someone can point me to the correct search term or resource I can then have a look at how to do it and then come back with any questions.


Do people get users to register their own devices? How do you acheive that as I currently register our teaching devices, and with our current set up, I don't see how students would know the correct AP groups or roles to use, so I presume there must be a different way to do it.



Thanks in advance

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Re: Personal Airplay devices

If faculty is going to use their own personal airplay device, you could provide them with a page to register their device and map it to their username plus any other usernames they want to allow. 


Faculty would need to log into clearpass as a a restricted operator, land on the registration page where they can register a device and view / modify the devices they registered.


The page would be similar to what you use to register devices, except that its locked down so faculty can see only their devices.

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Re: Personal Airplay devices

Sorry for the delayed reply.


I will look into this method and see if it might work for us...



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