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Ping drops and strange VOIP behaviour on AP-367 bridge


We replaced some really old failing access points setup as a bridge between office buildings a few weeks back, and while the throughput on the new bridge with the pair of AP-367 units is great, we are seeing some strange issues:

1. a couple of the devices drop multiple pings, sometimes for up to 2 minutes, when pinging across the bridge. This appears to be random and do not all occur at the same time.

2. We have Voip phones (wired) setup in the far office, and these are on and off. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. The staff are missing phone calls all of the time as the phone doesn't ring.

3. Generally the staff PC's seem to work fine on the network.


There is only about 2 staff maximum on the entire site, maybe 3-6 people at the remote office (other end of the bridge) with very fex devices on the network.

I have replaced the switch at the end of the bridge, same issue. I have taken everything but one or two devices off of this switch, no change.

We have tired setting fixed band for the radio, to several different bands, no difference.

What sort of troubleshooting can I try with this issue to get it resolved?

The next option I see if that we move to fibre optic.




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Re: Ping drops and strange VOIP behaviour on AP-367 bridge

- What is the distance between the access points?

- How high are the access points mounted?

- Are you using 5ghz for your mesh link and if yes, what is the channel width?

- How often does the behavior happen?

- Are these controller-based or Instant APS?



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Re: Ping drops and strange VOIP behaviour on AP-367 bridge


Distance - 50 to 60 metres, direct line of site.

Access points are at least 6 metres from the ground, there is no physical traffic that high in this area.

5ghz is being used - I am not sure where to find channel width?

This is happening constantly. For example I am watching it right now:

1. the server in the top office disappears for 5 pings

2. it comes back and is accessible after 15 seconds. The NAS device in the same location then disappears.

3. it comes back, then goes again for 30 seconds. Everything else is accessible.

4. 30 seconds later it is back, everything is stable for a minute.

Then this can repeat randomly.

These are virtual controller / instant APs, no dedicated controller.

This is not switch related or site router related as this reacts the same if being pinged from across the company WAN or on site at the other side of the wireless bridge.

There is always the possiblity that there is a cabling issue, but can we find that out from the interface of the AP-367 units?


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