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PoE enable (?) on AP 61

My company recently acquired 10 AP 61 units, and 0 of them will power on via PoE (nor will they connect to my controller despite having purged the environment settings on them, but one thing at a time...).  I've found a power supply that will power them but in the dozens I've dealt with previously, I've never come across this.  Is there a setting in the AP config that switches PoE on and off?  Thanks in advance

Re: PoE enable (?) on AP 61


Like all aruba AP unit - the AP61 supporting 802.3af.

(There is no such thing like ON/OFF switch for poe option in the AP)

 *be sure that the POE source is 802.3af and got enough output to operate the unit.

*be sure that the eth cable u are using can transfer poe !! (not 4 wire cable)


Datasheet info:

• Network:
- 1 x 10/100Base-T Ethernet (RJ45) , Auto-sensing link speed
- 48 V DC IEEE compliant 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
- Serial-over-Ethernet (SoE)
• Power:
- 1 x 5 V DC up to 1.5 A (for external AC adapter power)
• Antenna: (AP-60 only)
- 2 x RP-SMA multi-band antenna interfaces
• 48 V DC IEEE compliant 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
• 5 V DC for external AC supplied power (adapter sold separately)
• Maximum power consumption: 10 Watts


link for datasheet:









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Re: PoE enable (?) on AP 61

I am able to power other 61s, 60s, 65s, and 70s using the switch I am currently using.  We bought this lot of 10 APs, and they are the only units I've not been able to power with this PoE switch.  I also tried one into the controller itself and it didn't power.  It seemed very strange to me that all 10 of them behave this way, but I suppose I just have a bad bunch...  Anyone experienced something like this?  Where units will power off AC but not PoE?

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Re: PoE enable (?) on AP 61

I hate to say it, but if it powers other AP61s, it should power all of them. :(

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