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Poor signal in wlan users

Hi community,


I have a issue with some clients on my wlan enviorement, when a client associate to an AP and the client goes away from the former AP and get close to another one, the client keep being connected to the first AP, even though it has a SNR of 8 or less... my client is upset because he is aguing that he is next to the AP and he's getting a poor signal quality. 


Is there any way in the controller to force clients to associate with the radio with better signal?


Any ideas will be appreciated, thanks in advance.




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Re: Poor signal in wlan users

This is a classic old problem.  First thing to fix is to update the NIC Driver on the clients device.  Many old drivers were "sticky" and really prevented the client from roaming.  Once the driver is updated and you are still having an issue then post back with more details such as the Aruba OS version, the AP, the client OS, the NIC, and the NIC's driver version.


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Re: Poor signal in wlan users

The previous tip is absolutely right, and that's the first thing to check. Unless you enable any special Aruba features, it's the client that determines whether it tries to roam or not (based on NIC driver and settings).


You could try the handoff-assist feature, covered in this thread.




Be mindful though, that some clients don't react well to this feature and get upset by it rather than helped (note that this still constitutes a failing on the clients part.


Good luck.



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Re: Poor signal in wlan users

Just a tip more..


When you enable hand off assistance also set the Low RSSI Threshold, make it to 40 to 50 , so that it can immediately search when the signal goes below 40.


Pls correct me If I am wrong..


As this is working fine for my environment

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