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[Pre-Sales] ArubaSwitches Benefits over features.

As we know what it sells  are the benefits not too much the features.

What i mean is that the technical point of view dont sell, what it sell obiusly is the bussiness point of view.


Now What i would like to recollect are the Benefits which a bussiness would like of these switches!

So if anyone can add good Benefits and try not be Technical please, because a manager would not care about that too much or at lesat the one that takes decitions or at least most of them out there.  This is  a nice lesson a coworker was telling me which is on sales, and well i come from the technical part so i was looking a while back the technical view not the bussiness view


Anywyas enough of introduction


Here is my list


1-Energy saving: You can turn off poe in this swithces so you can always turn them off to turn off APS, IPPhones and all poe things that are not being used during night which is a nice benefit!(does anyone know if any other brand of switch got this benefit?)

2-Less man power needed(so less people they need to hire to maintain their network):  this is because a few reasons:

  • Everything is centralized on the controller, single point of configuration
  • Firmware updates are automatically done and all the switches got the same up to date firmware, this can be a nightmare for admins having hundreds of switches up to date
  • Less human error in configuration as is done one time the config and its deployed to the swithces
  • Zero Touch config(plug  &play)
  • Policies that are applied on the controller applies to wired, wireless and remote access


Basically i have found that those are my benefits when using Aruba Swithces with a controller that it can bring to a bussiness.


Can anyone point me more Benefits i can add to my list? remenber simple to understand non technical.




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Re: [Pre-Sales] ArubaSwitches Benefits over features.

nice info man... keep it up
Thanks & Regards
Syed Murad Ali
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