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Processor and Memory of a 3400 and 7030 controller

I had a odd question yesterday from a client, which want to know what processor does his controlller had, also the ram.  Does anyone has a table of what processor and how much ram does this controller has? 



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Re: Processor and Memory of a 3400 and 7030 controller

Hi Carlos,


The 3400 has the following:

Processor XLR 516 (revision C4) with 1255M bytes of memory. 
32K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory.
512M bytes of Supervisor Card System flash (model=CF 512MB).

The XLR 516 is a broadcom chip : https://www.broadcom.com/products/enterprise-and-network-processors/processors/xlr500-series


The only quick search about the 7030 gave this :


With a new central processor employing eight CPU cores and four virtual cores, the 7XXX series supports over 32,000 wireless devices and performs stateful firewall policy enforcement at speeds up to 40 Gbps – plenty of capacity for BYOD and 802.11ac devices.





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Re: Processor and Memory of a 3400 and 7030 controller

Hi pals


Is there any document (datasheet, manual or other) where to find info like: Processor, RAM and flash memory for all models of Aruba Mobility Controllers (Aruba 7000 and 7200)?


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