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Promote local to master

Right now I have 3 7210 locals and an older 6000 configured as master.  I need to depreciate the older 6000 controller and make one of my 7210s into a master.  I am not using centralized licensing right now (turned it off for this), every controller has plenty of licensing. 


These are all on different subnets and physical locations, so I am not planning on keeping the old master IP in the mix, I'll update my DNS and DHCP rules for the APs to point to the new master.


What I'd like to do is simply change one of the 7210s to a master, then go into the other two and update the IP pointing to the old master over to the new. 


I understand I'll need to reboot the controllers, this is no big deal I can do it off hours.  Will I run into any unforseen problems by changing the local into a master?  Any security settings, configs or anything going to break?  I just don't want to have to run into a situation where I'm having to factory reset 300 APs on a weekend :).


Thanks for any input!

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Re: Promote local to master


I believe you may be required to change the existing local 7210 local which will be promoted to the master controller, to hold the existing IP address.
Both IPSEC key should be aligned so that they will be able to associate with one another.

Re: Promote local to master

Get the flash backup from the existing master and restore it on the new one , make sure the new controller is running the same code as all the controllers.

Offline assign the same ip as the current master and then the day of the cutover take offline the 6000 and plug the new one.

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Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Promote local to master

If this is the best approach I'll do it this way.  Does it matter that the current local has APs terminiating to it (Still will be change over during down time, the APs can be rebooted)?


The controllers are all on the same code, so that should be simple.  Since the new controller interfaces naming convention has changed from GE0/0 to of GE0/0 will that cause issues with the restore?


The interface naming change was my primary reason to just change the local to master then address the other local controllers communications with the new master.


Thanks again for the info!!



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