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Proportional BW Allocation

I am looking to provide guaranteed BW for a single client in an HD venue.


In an auditorium with a HD deployment there will be a presenter on stage that will have a device that will be used to project many different applications on a large screen. Some of these applictions may not be WMM or QoS capable (they dont mark frames). 


I think I can setup a hidden SSID that is only used for the presenters on stage. I would configure a Fair-Access Traffic Management Profile on the AP Group and give this SSID a Proportional BW Allocation. I can set this SSID to 20% Soft. 


Would this then guarantee this SSID 20% of the bandwidth during times of congestion? 


I have this configured and it doesnt appear to have worked. During times of congestion, the presentation suffered. 


As a work-around, I dedicated a 5 Ghz radio to the the SSID and made sure no other nearby AP would use the same 5 Ghz channel. This however is a very manual and static effort not to mention wastes a radio for access. This did however provide guaranteed BW to the device. 


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