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Query:IAP 105 & 135 meshing setup

I have setup 2x IAP105 meshing for our customer POC. Please help to provide my questions for IAP mesh setup are below:

1) is it possible to use as a wired and wireless both for Mesh point IAP?

2) how is the distance coverage between IAP 105 vs 135? The distance of 2x offices is less than 300Meter. If IAP 135 is much higher performance, will propose IAP 135.

3) 2x IAP are powered up by Power Injector adaptor and can it be used wired to extend the LAN (non-Poe switch) by connecting to Line-In port from Power Injector of mesh point IAP.


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Re: Query:IAP 105 & 135 meshing setup

1. Not sure I follow, to use wired and wireless for mesh point? It can be one or the other, but not both at the same time. 

2. That will depend on what is between the two IAPs. In general the IAP-135 should have better total throughput at comparative ranged compared to the 105.

2. You can do LAN bridging over the IAP mesh, it just needs to be enabled in the cluster settings.

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