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RAP 2WG - VOIP over Eth1

2 x 3400B controllers in master/local config

ArubaOS -

Core Switch = HP Procurve 5400 Series

VOIP System = Avaya IP 500 with 9611G phones



My controllers have 3 vlans defined :


300 - Data Vlan

310 - Guest Wireless Vlan

350 - Voice Vlan


My Aruba rap is setup and working to broadcast SSID's.  The ETH1 port is also setup so that if i plug a laptop in it, it gets a DHCP address (from a windows server) on my Data Vlan.  When i plug a phone in, it boots and never switches over to the voice vlan.


Even when i set the ETH1 Profile to Trunk, set the native to 300 and allowed to 350 it still will not work.


One strange thing :


When i am connected at my corporate location, wirelessly, to the 300 data vlan...........i can ping the 350 vlan no problem.  When i am at home, connected to the same SSID on the same 300 vlan (through the RAP), i CANNOT ping anything on the 350 vlan.


HP handles "trunking" differently than cisco.  The ports that the controller are connected to are :


untagged vlan 300

tagged vlan 350


Any thoughts?

Re: RAP 2WG - VOIP over Eth1

Do we have dot1q enabled on Avaya9611g phone itself; please verify and make sure we have the default settings been configured on the phone itself.

When you connect the Avaya phone to E1 port on corporate location works fine however doesnt work on the home? Please confirm as you had mentioned wirelessly it works fine.

What happens if you configure the E1 to access vlan 350 and connect laptop to see if we get ip address?


Are we using option 176 defined on the DHCP server? If yes, can you post the configuration.

Please make sure HP switch is not tagging the native vlan as well. Also can you post the configuration of E1 defined on the controller?

Re: RAP 2WG - VOIP over Eth1

Also specify the RAP forwarding mode tunnel/bridge/split-tunnel. Thanks!

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Re: RAP 2WG - VOIP over Eth1

To be clear - our avaya system is setup and running fine now.  Phones are plugged into our local network.  For that purpose, we are using DHCP option 242 as specified by Avaya.  It works as it should on our local wired network.


This will be a bit confusing :


If i set eth1 to access vlan 350 on the RAP, my laptop will NOT get a DHCP address.  However, if i change the core switch port to UNTAGGED vlan 350, it will give me an IP address in the VOICE vlan (350)


the switch port on the HP is configured like this


interface J4
   name "Aruba Master Voice"
   tagged vlan 350
   untagged vlan 300

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Re: RAP 2WG - VOIP over Eth1

Currently -


eth 1 is configured


Forward Mode - TUNNEL


Switchport Mode - ACCESS


Access Mode Vlan - 350


Wired AP Enable is checked

Broadcast is checked

Re: RAP 2WG - VOIP over Eth1

Thanks for the info. Is the phone gets the IP address if we introduce the switch in the middle between rap e1 port and phone ?


Can we try configuring E1 port set to trunk mode with native vlan as data vlan 300 and tag the voice vlan 350.


From the previous post, I understand this doesn't work, may I know what is the error message you get on the phone itself ?


Did we try setting up the static IP parameters on one of the test phone itself to see if phones comes up?  If no, it would be great to connect the dumb hub to the RAP and then connect the laptop and phone to it, run the pcap to understand VLAN tag info.


Also do the port monitor running the pcap on the port to which Cisco phone is connected on the local network and compare the captures between working VS. non-working one.




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Re: RAP 2WG - VOIP over Eth1

I can try taking a dumb switch to the remote location today.


What you are asking is for me to put the switch between the RAP and the PHONE - and then run a packet capture? 

Re: RAP 2WG - VOIP over Eth1

Yes, that`s right. 

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Re: RAP 2WG - VOIP over Eth1

Here are some notes


Current config of E1 is :




Native = 300 (data)
Tagged = 350 (voice)


I tried putting dumb switch between RAP and phone, and it still does not get an IP address.


Setting static IP on the phone, the phone will still not come up.  It sits on "discovering xx.xx.xx.xx (address of phone server interface"


On my controller i am using 3 interfaces, plugged physically into my core switch


1/0 - configured as ACCESS - vlan 300 (data)

1/1 - configred as ACCESS - vlan 350 (voice)

1/2 - N/A

1/3 - configured as ACCESS - vlan 310 (guest wireless)


The port on my core switch for interface 1/1 on the controller is configured as :


interface J4
   name "Aruba Master Voice"
   tagged vlan 350
   untagged vlan 300


With this configuration..............i CANNOT ping anything on the voice vlan even from the controller.


If i change the core switch port to UNTAGGED 350............then i can ping vlan 350 from the controller.  However, phone traffic is tagged and still will not pass.


Should one of my interfaces on the controller be configured as TRUNK instead of ACCESS?


Also - my windows laptop with Intel NIC strips 801.q from packets so i was unsuccessful at getting a PCAP with that info.  I will continue to try and work on that.

Re: RAP 2WG - VOIP over Eth1

Configure e1 as a trunk and connect the switch to that . You need to also create those VLANs in the switch

Make That the VOICE VLAN already exist on your controller ?

I currently have that same setup with a Cisco phone and it works with no issues.

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 8.10.29 AM.png

Thank you

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