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RAP-3W setup issues. DHCP timeout

Please bear in mind, I am not a technician. I received a RAP-3 at a Sales Conference and wanted to play around with it.


I set up using the easy installation guide but I cannot connect my existing laptops and devices.


My MAC connects and has the ability to use the internet but my WIN7 laptop, iPads and streaming devices can connect to AP but cannot get internet access.


The alerts state DHCP timeout.


Any suggestions? 


Thank you for your assistance

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Re: RAP-3W setup issues. DHCP timeout

kinda difficult as i don't have the easy guide around so i don't know what exactly you did.


is it this: http://www.slideshare.net/AirheadsSocial/aruba-instant-iap-setup-rev3


what route did you take there? could all devices connect to the initial instant SSID?


does you MAC system get an IP from where you expect?

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Re: RAP-3W setup issues. DHCP timeout

I didn't try to connect all the other devices to the instant. I used the MACbook to connect to instant and create new network. I used default settings for everything when setting up the new network. When I try and use a different laptop or iPad it connects to the AP but will not allow internet access and the alerts state DHCP timeout.


Thank you for the quick response

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Re: RAP-3W setup issues. DHCP timeout

Can you go to the maintenenance tab and see if you are on the latest version?

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Re: RAP-3W setup issues. DHCP timeout

still with defaults there are choices to make. can you check the IP address of the devices that connect but can't access the internet, are they what you expect?


did you create a network with pre-shared key or an open one?


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