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RAP3 configuration with USB uplink

I am having some trouble getting a RAP3 to work with a USB modem.  I have a Novatel MC551L LTE modem from Verizon and have followed the documentation I could find regarding the provisioning of the RAP.  I have attached a screen shot from the USB configuration section of the provisioning page.  I am not sure what more I need to configure during the RAP provisioning in order to get the modem to work.


My controller is running Aruba OS version  I am able to connect the RAP to the controller via its Ethernet 0 port, but the modem will not connect.


Any guideance would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: RAP3 configuration with USB uplink

Can you try below settings. 


usb_type=ether (9)

cellular_nw_preference=auto/advanced (1/4)


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Re: RAP3 configuration with USB uplink

Thank you, Vinod.  The usb type you have shown in this posting was not available in the dropdown menu of the RAP Provisioning GUI and the Device Type field was free form.  The closest USB Type was ether; there is no ether(9).  With regard to the Device Type field, can I enter the hexidecimal device type here?


This is a Novatel USB551L LTE 4G modem from Verizon.  The controller code is  I assume this modem has to be configured manually, since I could not confirm that it is a True Auto-Detect 4G supported modem.  I'm just not completely sure which parameters need to be configured, or how to configure them.  I have been perusing the documentation I have been able to find, but so far have not found any clear and concise documentation on the subject.


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Re: RAP3 configuration with USB uplink

I'm having the same issue but its a RAP5. I ordered three of these Verizon MC551L cellular modems thinking they were compatible, but i have yet to find any settings that work. I would like to know if this was resolved or not.





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Re: RAP3 configuration with USB uplink

Got this to work.


I used the settings below on a RAP5WN and it worked fine with the Verizon Novatel NRM-MC551 (USB551L).


USB Settings on the Controller's Provistion page for the RAP5WN are below.



Device: Other (Any)

Device Identifier: 0x1410b001

Cellular NW Preference: auto (4-only worked also, but i did not try 3g-only)

Device Type: ether


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