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RAP5 with PPPoE, possible MTU issue

Hello all,


I'm having a RAP5 AP connected to a DSL modem using PPPoE for dialing to the internet. The profile is configured to use split tunnel: traffic for corporate LAN is going though the tunnel, internet traffic is going out locally.


Now for the issue: Some internet sites (tested with www.microsoft.com) cannot be opened in the browser, while others can. I have it down for a possible MTU problem, for when I reduce the max.TCP segement size on the client it works. When I use a DSL router in front of the RAP5 everything works fine, when using a DSL modem and PPPoE the issues occur.

I wonder if there is a way to tell the RAP5 to use a reduced MTU when connecting?


I have tried to change the SAP MTU value in the AP System Profile (lowest value 1200) but this does have no effect.


Thanks in advance, cheers!

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