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RF Performance will not display

I have one master AMP managing three AMP's.  Software 7.7.3


The RF Proformance and some other charts will not display on one of my AMP's.  ADMON is turned on at the controller.


Any Ideas?


Re: RF Performance will not display

What version of firmware are the controllers running?


Have AMON setup to send messages to the AMPs (not Master Console).

On the controller:

# mgmt-server type amp primary-server <amp.ip.address>


Double check settings on AMP Setup -> General tab


For RF Performance:

- Enable AMON Data Collection: Yes


For Firewall:

*Requires AOS 6.3+

- Enable AMON Data Collection: Yes

- Enable Firewall Data Collection: Yes

- (Optional) Firewall Storage -> can increase based on Firewall data needs


For gathering client data over AMON instead of SNMP:

*Requires an additional line for sending RSSI data over AMON: # location-server-feed enable

*Also requires proper telnet/ssh credentials for AMP to re-request data upon controller/AP bootstrap

- Enable AMON Data Collection: Yes

- Prefer AMON vs SNMP Polling: Yes

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