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Hello Everyone

I got this scenario and i guess i could take some advice of you all :)

i got this client which doesnt have any AP as Air monitor for now, they just got the total ap exactly to cover all their areas, but they got this license of WIP/IDS

Now i was wondering if i dont have any AP as air monitor what kind of protection you advice me i could configure them to use it properly well if i can?

Actually i have not configured this freature before, but as far i read its much recommended having it and works a way better if i got them on air monitor as they can just protect on the channel they are serving to the clients, i mean if i got them on air monitor they spend few seconds on each channel...


What woudl you configure if you got this scenario? like if you could name a list  to start? ill try searching myself on how to configure it but if you want to put it how you are welcome :)





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Re: RF Protect

In the ArubaOS 6.1 User Guide, there is a Chapter called "Wireless Intrusion Protection" that details what you can configure with or without the RFProtect License.  It is very detailed, and it will answer your questions.


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Re: RF Protect

Hello cjoseph, they are assuming im using air monitors i guess but im not... thats why im asking..

There should be some features that will not work properly if i dont use the aps as air monitor for example i can guess but im not sure, to not let a user the user of our organization to connect to some other random AP... as my aps is working in one channel the other could be working on another channel and i dont know it might not work properly as the air monitor does work in all the channels.


What i wanted to know its some advice of what i could configure if i dont have any air monitor on the network, if you tell me that all the features of the WIP/IDS does work perfectly if im using all the aps on ap mode.  Then i guesss ill try to configure all the useful features i see in the manual or at least the ones i see that interests me


Just wanted if you could name them or the most importants i could configure  not even asking how to configure it :)


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Re: RF Protect

What version of AOS are you running?  AOS 6.0 introduced the WIP wizard which guides you through all of the configuration options you should need.


What are the exact features your customer is looking for?  There are a large number of IDS features in RFProtect.


APs can provide exceptional rogue detection and IDS detection.  As part of the normal opration of an Aruba AP they will hop off channel to scan for rogue devices, IDS events as well as gather RF information for ARM.  So even though the AP is serving clients on channel 1, it will find a rogue on channel 7.


APs actually perform exception IDS detection.  They detect every attack against your wireless network because they are always on the same channel as your wireless network.


Client serving APs can also particiapte in wired containment and wireless containment of rogues on their home channel.  While the AP serving clients on channel 1 will find rogues on channel 7 it will not spend enough time on channel 7 for effective wireless containment.  The AP can perform wired containment of the rogue and wireless containment if the rogue is also on channel 1.  AMs will perform very effective wireless rogue containment on any channel in the regulatory domain.


I hope that helps.


Re: RF Protect

I got version 6.1.4

What i was looking for is more like basic config all networks that got this license should have

Like for example

if you just could name them like a list like you should configure this this this and this and those are the basic things that it should have.   Im not looking for advance stuff right now...

just name them ill try and look for myself how to configure it :)  not trying to be a lazy one im just looking for advice.  Maybe like a small checklist of what are the basic things i should configure with WIP/IDS.

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